Monday, January 24, 2011


I took part in an outdoor exhibition Migration at the Newton Park campus of Bath Spa Uni. The artworks address the theme of ‘Human Interaction with the Environment’ and aim to to encourage students, staff and the wider community to take advantage of the beautiful natural

The concept for my work was inspired by non-spaces, where the outside is borrowed like in shakkei lit. 'borrowed landscape' to draw the outer landscape into the immediate space by 'capturing it alive'. This collapses the view into a space that is in constant flux changing with the position of the viewer and “natural” elements.

And this is the structure in situ:

I enjoyed its simplicity which correlated with the simplicity of the concept, and a rather fragile appearance. I wish however I have designed the structure to be more mobile so it travelled to different locations throughout the duration of the show. This is something to keep in mind...


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