Monday, April 4, 2011


Memorial; polythene, vinyl film, electric tape, dusct tape, aluminium structure, bath stand; overall dimesions 100 x 150 x 85 cm; March 2011

Some of the comments from the crit:
-     It looks like art – when is something not art?
-     It is far from painting but has paint-like skin reference of peeling off the paint. The table is support for the painting. Also very craft like, almost beautiful where the cuts are made, sense of human engagement.
-     Quite a mad (schizophrenic) piece, almost emotional in that sense. Obsessive nature of the work seems to deal with emotional response to womanhood, domesticity, motherhood and the market pressures felt in this regard. Praying on most anxious feelings. Cuts could also be read as aggressive as in Lucio Fontana's work. It is not humorous in a way Angela de la Cruz’ work can be, not a joke piece.
-    There is a sense of occasion/festiveness here; seems quite spontaneous.
-     Greedy seepage, it wants to impose itself on the surroundings.

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