Thursday, October 20, 2011

Domestic Liquids Project

Initial proposal:

I would like to investigate various aspects of colours found in everyday household – both naturally derived (fruit/vegetables/plants) and artificial (household chemicals, makeup etc).

These materials would be explored on the basic level as stand alone colours, their application as pigments, and furthermore through analysing their chemical make up by using method such as paper chromatography/colour separation.

The project will be initial research into the area, possibly raising more questions and opportunities for exploration rather than providing answers.

Not Painting, Body Bronzer/ Domestos/ Femme Fresh/ Herbal Essence/ Baby Cream/ Baby Oil/ Toothpaste/ Antifreeze/ Harpic/ Carex/ HibiScrub/  Fairy Liquid/  Red Clay/ Carrot Juice/ Orange Juice/ Beetroot Juice on Tracing Paper, 75 h x 650 w cm, 2011

Spectrum of Increasing Domestification, Antifreeze/ Harpic/ Carex/ Persil Washing Liquid / Enliven Soap/ Broccoli Juice/ Domestos / Femme Fresh/ Herbal Essence/ Orange Juice/ Carrot Juice/ Fairy Liquid /  Beetroot Juice / HibiScrub in CD cases, dimensions misc, 2011

Spectrum of Increasing Domestification, studies of household liquids on miscellaneous papers, dimensions misc, 2011
Spectrum of Increasing Domestification, Beetroot/ Broccoli/ Carrot, vegetable fibres mixed with paper pulp, dimensions misc, 2011

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