Thursday, November 8, 2012

Slade MA/MFA Interim Show Pics

There is an inherent promise in a box, concealed but ready for consumption. So obvious that unnoticed. Designed, marketed and produced… by someone… for everyone... Domesticating our needs. Then discarded and forgotten. 

Emptiness offers itself up as the box opens its folds. The surprise of the flat pattern, the icon both familiar and unidentifiable. Then the folds collapse back and carve out a bit of space. Walls are formed around a promise of home. For a short while the structure lies to us of its solidity until it dissolves again.

Patterns for Living (no 7-11, Mixed media, 160 x 55 x 75-85 cm, 2012

Patterns for Living (no 7-11), detail

Patterns for Living (Box Occupied), 13 second looped animation, 2012

Patterns for Living (Box Occupied), still

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