Sunday, June 30, 2013

Slade Graduate Show 2013

Seams (Contractible Body)

Exploring the notion of a shy body enabled to expand in space, the structure takes its reference points from the measurements of artist body. Made from cut and stained recycled wood, the monetary value exists in the accessory of brass fittings. Collapsed dimensions 205 x 165 x 45 cm, expanded dimensions changeable.

Box Patterns (Wearables)

Shown here as a sculptural piece in an installation, this work is also offered up for a performance. Made from recycled boxes and underlined with with fabric, the pieces become wearable spatial units exchanged between contracted performers and public. The aesthetic value of the work is used up with each wear whilst the cost of it grows for each contracted performance. Dimensions app. 130x130x70cm

Box Patterns (Wearables)

Performative Exchange

Box Patterns (Nets & Layouts)

Recycled packaging from consumables purchased over a 1-year period, photographed in stacks of different net designs. Duratrans print, lightbox. 

Seams (Wearables)

Full set of clothes, steel hook

Stacks (Unwanted Heritage)

Stackable and reconfigurable units refer to architectural design developed during communist regime in Poland. Concrete, fibreglass, pigment. Unit dimension 45 x 55 x 5cm

Labour (Cleaned)

Bleached organic matter in plastic sleeves

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