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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Interior Collages

Interior7 Interior9 Interior2Interior4

I have become increasingly drawn to experimenting with spatial ambiguity of interiors e.g. mirror reflecting non-existing corner spaces, misaligned walls and floors suggesting other space in-between.

A quick method for working out ideas would be to continue with making collages. They would not be the art work though but the paintings translating the ideas.
I have gathered library of cut-outs comprised of ceilings, floors, walls and windows. I have been arranging these elements into imaginary misaligned interiors and photographing the resulting images. This process allowed me to re-use elements that I might find intriguing and to try out multiple combinations.

Some of these collages are temporary and their existence is documented in electronic form only.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Collage Series

I wanted to follow a new approach of working with collage and building my own narratives. The new work is created around two subject matters. This college series is based on creating ambiguous spaces and a play between the inside/outside. I want to explore the feeling that something is not totally right and create the tension & ambiguity with this more playful approach.

I would like to create a couple of books of collages that will become artworks in themsleves. I want to experiment with formats (the collages do not need to be self contained in a rectangular/square format), compositions and patterns (e.g. work of Rosemary Trockel).

Collage Series Constructions - click on the images below for more

Collage Series Surgeons - click on the image below for more