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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Exhibition TRACE II

Work I have created for the exhibition. 

There is something I have not mentioned before, which is the photographing of my work.  Sometimes ask myself which one is my work  - the physical construction or its image. Or both? How does the meaning change? I am intrigued by this flattening that is eventually achieved bringing the work back to painting. Full circle.

Even the physical constructions have got this flatness or frontal reading. Work remains informed by painting...


Friday, June 25, 2010

Exhibition TRACE

1.   The Venue. 

We decided on the Old AV Shop as the best venue for the project (combination of factors – the location, cost and availability)

The place has got a lot of interesting architectural details and fixings that can be utilized in the work or need to be addressed when curating the exhibition.  It also includes dark spaces for projections and separate rooms to create a journey for the viewer.

2.   The Theme

We have settled on a theme of TRACE as it is wide encompassing concept and also seems to reverberate with the past uses of the venue.

TRACE may refer to:
  • In mathematics - trace in linear algebra, trace operator, field trace, trace monoid
  • In computer science - signal trace, stack trace, digital traces, software trace 
  • In the physical sciences - trace radioisotope, trace evidence, trace element, TRACE, a NASA satellite
  • In language - semiology)the history carried by a sign, (linguistics) a syntactic placeholder
  • resulting from transformation, (deconstruction)a concept by Derrida, (psycholinguistics), a psycholinguistic model of speech perception
We have briefly outlined the proposed works:
  • Jenny – continuation of her current investigation of found objects and method of display
  • Vicky – combining definition of trace in the linear algebra with a positive action of kissing
  • Olivia – tracing the psychogeography of Bath and marks on buildings
  • Rachel – reverse the process painting to achieve an erased painting
  • Anna – create quasi-narrative cast objects that will resonate with the architecture of the space
3.   The Marketing

We have agreed on a simple flyer design to be printed on a tracing paper and include our fingerprints above the letters trace.

4. Curating the Show 

We had 3 days from receiving the keys to private view. We spend in reality 2 days working in the shop finishing the artworks and curating the show. We had a rough idea of where the main works will go (e.g. light conditions or size) but even these required curating. We have jointly finalised the finer details of the display. 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Working Title

"Since the 1960’s conceptual artists have questioned the traditional status of the artwork as a physical object, placing a greater emphasis on ideas and language. A number of artists began to make work by inventing or adopting particular rules, systems, strategies and processes. These might be a series of instructions for acting in the world or using maps, measurements or numerical systems to determine the form of the artwork.”
Interpretive text from level 5 galleries, TATE Modern

No Working Title: A collaboration between BA Year 2 Fine Art students at Norwich University College of the Arts, Bath School of Art and Design, Winchester School of Art, and Tate Modern. The project was conceived in relation to a number of conceptual works held in the Tate collection. In the 1960s these artists began to make work by inventing or adopting rules, systems and strategies. Such processes provided a framework for a collaboration between students from three Fine Art courses, culminating in an event at Tate Modern in March 2010.

The work made for the No Working Title project will form a touring exhibition traveling to all three colleges from October to December 2010 so watch this space.

1. Instructions Sent
2. Instructions Received

 3. Instruction-based work

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Exhbitions PLAY