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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Untitled (Blue is For Boys / Pink is for Girls) presented in Project Space, Dartmouth Avenue, Bath

“It is not so much difficult to have the real equivalent but public is meant to admire the perfective of the fake.”
Umberto Eco,  Faith in Fakes: Travels in Hyperreality  
"The display of realistic objects may portray a non realistic world; nevertheless a non realistic object may portray a realistic world. The verdict of what is the true reality and what is not, relay on the most elusive and convoluted connections within human culture, nothing empirical can prove its existence and this is the object’s ongoing changes in faith."
Daphna Weinstein, Telling Lies Short 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Untitled (Blue is For Boys / Pink is for Girls)

I have delayed this post as I was testing some new ideas that were consequently included in the degree show.

I have been thinking a lot about the density of my work. How fully packed it is when it becomes an installation, all surfaces covered, overlapping - almost one large sculptural construction. This it leads to number of considerations, like the balance of work and site. I would not say that my work is trying to be site specific but definitely site sympathetic. It responds to the shape, light, fixtures and fittings and then it overlays itself onto the existing with its fake reality. The concerns about the density is that it overpowers the existing canvas of the site. 

Therefore one of the ideas I wanted to test out was to allow the space to enter the work.  The fragments would need to stand for the whole or suggest some bigger meaning then their physical presence. 

At the same time the illusions of overload and feeling of confusion could be retained through scattering the fragments and applying different rules for linking the objects. Certain elements were placed purely to act as a balance to other objects whilst others referenced the site, art history, literature etc. Eventually many found elements were replaced by their "manufactured" equivalents.

There is also a great potential to reconfigure the arrangements in multiple ways. I am not too sure what it means yet but I find it intriguing as the recyclable ability of art and twisting the meaning is something I have engaged in other ways before...

Some of the detail of the arrangements. The working title is Blue is For Boys / Pink is for Girls.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Creating a Stage Set

Work and Site are inseparable. The interior becomes a manifestation of the state of the soul, loaded with Freudian resonances of the homely and the unhomely. 
Bachelard in his “Poetics of Space” states: “I am the space where I am”. 

Kangaroo’s Pouch, April 2010, installation with paintings and mixed media, dimension variable
So what is this work about? Spatial ambiguity, painting, layers of meaning, sarcasm . You tell me. What pleases me is its ability to attract the attention of the viewer long enough to start picking things up and ask the questions. 
I guess that is exactly what bothered me with the paintings last year is that they were less successful at capturing that attention. One the other hand, maybe their subtlety was their strength.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Walking in my Mind

Counter/Balanced, Jan 2010, installation with 5 canvases and mixed media, dimensions variable
My immediate ambition in this work was to create paintings in space/relating to space/ architecture. 
This work has all the painting elements removed to be replaced with such aesthetic consideration as composition, form and line. Although it has lept off the canvas yet still retains a need to be discussed in the terms of painting. 
The viewer position is outside, although there is an inviting tactility, there is also a distance forced by frames & layers. 

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Expansive pictorial location
when picture planes and
flat surfaces are displaced,
opened and
and painting is freed
From its frame. 

(Linda Khatir, 2008)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Extending Collage... Expending Painting... Exploring the Surfaces

Influenced by thinking about the parergon =‘outside-work’, I have made a number of experiments extending the collage from the 2-D surface into the 3-D space.
Extending Collage, Dec 2008, installation photograph with painting (oil on canvas 75 x 150 cm) and mixed media, dimensions variable 

This installation is playing with the notion of theatrical setting, moving away from the focus on meaning to focus on objects.
Extending Painting, Jan 2009, installation with painting (oil on canvas 75 x 150 cm),  wallpaper, plastic sheet, gloves, photographic lamp, designer magazines, dimensions variable

My work has progressively become larger to enhance the theatrical effect. I have started expanding onto other surfaces, with addition of non-painterly materials and objects chosen for their suitability to tell a story and shift the meanin.The overall objective is nevertheless to establish a coherent though ambiguous space.

Displaced Interiors, Dec 2009, installation with painting (oil on canvas, 140 x 165 cm) and mixed media, dimension variable