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Monday, May 6, 2013

Cities Methodologies 2013


Anja Borowicz and Vanessa Maurice-Williams – Urban Pathways and Seams of Space

This project focuses on the idea of movement and spatial identity in the city, questioning our response to various spaces through the language of painting, sculpture, performance and architecture. The exhibit is offered up for an interaction and engagement – to be walked through, picked up, worn and imagined. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Performative Workshop: Materials @ the Centre

This workshop was performed as a part of an event at the Institute of Making : Materials @ the Centre. This event brought together researcher from across the arts, sciences and humanities to interrogate the relationship between the cognitive and the material in research. The discussion proposed that materials, the act of making and processes of experimentation can fire the imagination in ways that complement language and make possible new ways of thinking.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Washing Space

Washing up liquids: pink-blue-green/ Bleach/ Silver wire / Sellotape/ Smell of detergents / Hardly visible / Overlapping/ re-mapping of existing space/ Small interventions / Domestic and artistic gestures / Washing Away


Space Washed/Bleached, Installation with Fairy Liquid Original & Antibacterial, Easy Bleach Seriously Thick, Pink Pearl Hand Wash, Sellotape, Silver Wire, Smell of Detergents, dimensions misc, 2012

Bleaching Space


Washing Space


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clay Project 2

Recent research is around thinking about different activities: artistic / domestic / scientific etc. There is an overlay of gestures, approaches, methods and medium in these areas but we are conditioned to accept these processes as separate e.g. when applying washing-up liquid with a brush to paper, one hardly thinks of it as painting. 


Friday, November 11, 2011

Clay Project 1

Initial proposal:

Continue an investigation into domestic and cosmetic materials: their propensity to work as painterly medium whilst retaining unique materiality. In particular I would like to focus on working with different powdered clay masks.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Domestic Liquids Project

Initial proposal:

I would like to investigate various aspects of colours found in everyday household – both naturally derived (fruit/vegetables/plants) and artificial (household chemicals, makeup etc).

These materials would be explored on the basic level as stand alone colours, their application as pigments, and furthermore through analysing their chemical make up by using method such as paper chromatography/colour separation.

The project will be initial research into the area, possibly raising more questions and opportunities for exploration rather than providing answers.

Not Painting, Body Bronzer/ Domestos/ Femme Fresh/ Herbal Essence/ Baby Cream/ Baby Oil/ Toothpaste/ Antifreeze/ Harpic/ Carex/ HibiScrub/  Fairy Liquid/  Red Clay/ Carrot Juice/ Orange Juice/ Beetroot Juice on Tracing Paper, 75 h x 650 w cm, 2011

Spectrum of Increasing Domestification, Antifreeze/ Harpic/ Carex/ Persil Washing Liquid / Enliven Soap/ Broccoli Juice/ Domestos / Femme Fresh/ Herbal Essence/ Orange Juice/ Carrot Juice/ Fairy Liquid /  Beetroot Juice / HibiScrub in CD cases, dimensions misc, 2011

Spectrum of Increasing Domestification, studies of household liquids on miscellaneous papers, dimensions misc, 2011
Spectrum of Increasing Domestification, Beetroot/ Broccoli/ Carrot, vegetable fibres mixed with paper pulp, dimensions misc, 2011